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Good nutrition made simple.

Healthy cooking for the whole family, but easier.

NHS Dietitian Approved Recipes, Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping & Delivery In Just A Few Clicks...

Happy Family

Don't try to do it all.
Just do a few things really well.

  • Save time

  • Save money

  • Enjoy good quality food

  • Achieve nutritional balance

  • Shop & eat more sustainably


1. Create an account

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How does it work?


Our menu is NHS Dietitian approved.

Low effort recipes, designed for busy lives. Yes, that means minimal prep, equipment and clean-up guaranteed.
Family-friendly but adult-pleasing too. Keen to share the joy of good food with your little ones? Our recipes are mindful of texture, spice and salt to suit children without compromising on flavour.

Making good nutrition more convenient. We use The National Food Strategy to guide our menus for a healthy lifestyle, balanced with the need for more sustainable dietary choices. 

"I don't mind cooking but hate having to think about what to make everyday. NOURYSH makes the post-work rush so much easier. Love it."

Conor, dad to Ava (18 months)

  • Do I have to be a good cook?
    All NOURYSH recipes are low effort and specifically designed for the mid-week rush. Basic cooking skills and kitchen equipment are all you need.
  • Does NOURYSH provide the food?
    No. We link directly with online retailers so you can manage your own grocery shop.
  • Is it expensive?
    No! NOURYSH provides the same convenience as a meal kit like Gousto or HelloFresh but at around half the price (including our £4.99 per month subscription fee). This is because you're able to buy your own ingredients more efficiently from your supermarket of choice. The better stocked your pantry is, the more cost-efficient it gets.
  • What about allergies or intolerances?
    You are in control of all of the ingredients with flexibility to swap in your favourite Free From or alternative items.
Green Smoothie

NOURYSH is a smarter way to feed your family.

Try our free 14 day trial today, no credit card required. Then just £4.99 per month.

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