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Useful Resources

Here are some great resources for you to explore.

The National Food Strategy

The national food strategy in an in depth report highlighting the issues that the UK is currently facing regarding food and providing recommendations for the government to action. It is full of interesting insights but be warned, it is quite long so you may want to brew a cup of tea first. Click here to read the report.

Tim Spector OBE an award winning scientist and best selling author. His books offer the latest evidence on food science and personal nutrition while debunked the common food myths that we all hear. Click here to see Tim's books.

Eating seasonally is a great way of ensuring you're enjoying the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious food available. It's great for you and for the planet. Follow this link to find out what is in season at the moment in the UK. Click here to see what's in season. 

TastEd is an award-winning charity aiming to revolutionise how food education is taught in the U.K. with brilliant, accessible resources for parents that can be used at home. Click here to explore.

Tim Spector Books

UK Seasonal Produce

TastEd Resources

The national food strategy
Tim Spector book, Food for life
East seasonally

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